Poseidon is the first and only company in the Philippines specializing in tidal
in-stream energy. Equipped with its own team of experts in site suitability, resource assessment,
technology matching, power output estimation, energy projection, economic feasibility analysis,
and an end to end project management. Read more>



Some of our services include: Integrated & Holistic Feasibility Studies (resource, technology,
economics, environment, community, etc.); Development Planning & Implementation
(pre development, pilot/proof of concept scale, commercial);and Ocean Renewable Energy Education
(multisectoral seminars, workshops, training, focused group discussions, round table discussions,
conferences, road-mapping). Read more>



FIRST Tidal In Stream, pre development to post implementation/current energy company in the Philippines
One-Stop Shop  We are your Complete pre development to post implementation Integrator for Ocean Renewable Energy in the Philippines.
Site and Device Suitability We make sure your Technology is applied where it’s supposed to be (without worries).


Office Address: 2704 Tower 1, Philippine Stock Exchange Center, Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
E-mail: info@poseidonenergycorp.com Tel: +632 3584872 Fax: +632 7181082