Some of our Services Include
Integrated & holistic feasibility studies (resource, technology, economics, environment, community, etc.);
development planning & implementation (pre development, pilot/proof of concept scale, commercial);
and ocean renewable energy education (multisectoral seminars, workshops, training,
focused group discussions, round table discussions, conferences, road-mapping).


Mapping and Measurement
• energy density maps, integrated GIS, optimal placement
• surveys: bathymetry, coastline, etc.
• data collection: gradients, velocity histograms, etc.

• energy resource (current, wave, tides, thermal, etc.)
• simulations: power, hydrodynamics, computational fluid dynamics
• environmental impact
• suitability: site , device
• feasibility: technical, economic

• power system: off-grid, grid-tied, simulations, reliability
• site development
• installation